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» “He was what Malta needed”

The name Eddie Fenech Adami brings back many memories of when I was in my teens. Those were bad times to say the least, but Eddie was there to show us the way and lead us forward, always keeping in mind peace, justice and freedom. As my late father used to say, he was what Malta needed. Today’s generation only have him to thank for the good quality of life they experience nowadays. There are no words that can express my gratitude and admiration towards this great man.

» A statesman guided by sound values, determination and sense of duty

Eddie and the Nationalist party brought the real changes our country needed. He was a reformer. His values, determination and sense of duty led the country and its people to most of its successes in recent history. Thanks for providing us with this valuable information through this website.

» Grazzi Eddie

Il-poplu Malti ghandu jkun grat lejn Eddie Fenech Adami. Dak li llum niehdu ‘for granted’ huwa grazzi ghal-politika u l-vizjoni tieghu. Illum ghadna ngawdu minn decizjonijiet ghaqlin li ha hu. Minkejja li llum hemm min qed jipprova jerga jikteb l-istorja ta’ pajjizna, lkoll nafu minn xhiex kellu jghaddi l-pajjiz u l-poplu biex illum wasalna s’hawn.

A. Buhagiar, Mosta

» A true leader, statesman and father of our nation

For us Eddie represents hope and resilience. He led us through the most difficult and turbulent times of our history. His vision for modern Malta was a beacon of light. He gave us courage to stand up for our basic rights. His vision for European Malta became our hope. A true leader, statesman and father of our nation.

Paul & Martha

» Unclouded Vision

I do not think that contemplating the life of a man of Dr. Fenech Adami’s stature can ever do him justice; I believe, however, that we honor his ideals best by seeking to learn from his dedication to democratic and pro-European principles.

My outlook on our country’s future will always be guided by the conviction with which he sought a better economic future for us all. His belief in bridging the gap between the Europe we culturally and historically are a part of, and the European Union which is the prime driver behind Malta’s contemporary success, serves to remind us that we must try hard to achieve that which we would otherwise expect to fall in our laps, an attitude which Malta greatly benefitted from and needs now more than ever.


» The only hope Malta had.

Although not being born in the 80’s, I probably know more about Eddie than I know about my own family. On a weekly basis, my family spoke highly about Eddie, ranging from the beginning of his political career, the harsh realities under a labour government, all the way down to his presidency. At first, I couldn’t grasp the true importance this man had in my life and I always thought that what he had done for our country could have been done by any political figure back then. However, I was very wrong! It is safe to say that thanks to Eddie I am where I am today by creating a new redefined Malta; a Malta filled with hope.