Thank you Eddie!!

Eddie, you are the greatest prime minister this country has ever seen. Only god knows what would be of Malta today had it not been for you!!
You kept the public calm when our election win was stolen. Imagine if you had been hard headed and stubborn like Mintoff, and sent people to fight in the streets with other Maltese nationals! What a disaster it would have been for Malta to have a local war between Maltese citizens!!
You are beyond a hero.
Bad people tried to scare you off by intimidating you, your loving wife,god rest her soul, and even destroyed your own home! How low can one go!!! And nobody was ever questioned about all this! We lost Raymond Caruana, Nardu Debono, again with the guilty ones still at large! To top it all off, Peter Paul Busuttil had to pay the punishment for someone else!! May he rest in peace!
The worst times of our country, by far, yet you stood strong, you knew that Malta needed you more than ever, and fought through!
And boy was it worth it for our country! From the worst times ever to the BEST times…….ever!! That 1987 election!! Wow, magical, just magical.
My mum loved you, she used to break into tears whenever she saw you speak. Her best friend was the wife of someone who was quite close to the party in those days and she couldn’t believe it when they invited her to the palms wedding hall where you were going to be holding a reception. She was so pleased when she managed to have a photo taken with you,You could see just how happy she is in this photo!
We lost my mum just a couple of years after the 1987 election unfortunately, but I can still picture her feeling so happy and jubilant when we won. To this day whenever I see a picture of you I remember my mum!!
Thanks for everything that you’ve done Eddie, leaders come and go, prime ministers come and go, but there will only ever be one who truly deserves to be called “Missier Malta”, the one and only…..EDDIE!!!!