EU, a stepping stone to a brighter future.

I was never heavily involved in politics and never kept myself updated with political debates or election fever. However, the period building up to the EU referendum made me rethink about my opinion on politics. In Eddie I saw a man who truly believed in the greater good for the country and always placed us before himself. I saw a man who was willing to sacrifice all his energy on reaching that one goal which he believed would make Malta better. I therefore want to take this time to say: THANK YOU EDDIE! Primarily I want to say thank you for making Malta a better and more attractable place to live in both through what you fought for before the EU referendum and also for the good brought about by our accession into the EU. Also, I would like to thank you for our accession into the EU because by virtue of this, I was lucky enough to experience overseas studies which came about through EU programmes at University, allowing me to broaden my studies and experience things I would have never experienced if it weren’t for what you have brought to this country.